about AOSP

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Why AOSP is the Guarantee and excellent Choice for Production Companies:

1. Expertise and Proven Track Record:

AOSP ensures that only highly skilled and experienced stunt coordinators are recognized in the listing. By hiring AOSP members, production companies can be confident that they are working with professionals who have a proven track record in their craft. This expertise translates into high-quality and visually stunning stunt sequences that enhance the overall production value.

2. Safety as the Top Priority:

AOSP’s emphasis on safety sets it apart from other organizations. By prioritizing safety, AOSP members mitigate risks and ensure that all stunts are executed with the utmost care and precaution. Production companies can rest assured that their projects will be carried out in a safe and responsible manner, reducing the chances of accidents or injuries on set.

3. Compliance with Industry Standards:

AOSP members adhere to industry-standard safety guidelines and protocols. This not only ensures the well-being of the performers but also helps production companies avoid any legal or regulatory issues related to workplace safety. By hiring AOSP stunt coordinators, production companies demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a safe working environment.

4. Comprehensive Training and Professional Development:

AOSP offers extensive training programs and resources to its members, with a high emphasis on health and safety. This continuous professional development ensures that AOSP members stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, techniques, and safety protocols. By working with AOSP stunt coordinators, production companies benefit from the knowledge and expertise gained through ongoing training and development.

5. Collaboration and Networking Opportunities:

AOSP provides a platform for collaboration and networking among its members. By hiring AOSP stunt coordinators, production companies gain access to a network of highly skilled professionals who can bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches to their projects. This collaborative environment fosters creativity and allows production companies to tap into a diverse pool of talent.

6. Advocacy and Support:

AOSP actively advocates for the fair treatment and recognition of stunt professionals, including stunt coordinators. By supporting AOSP, production companies align themselves with an organization that works to improve working conditions, fair compensation, and proper credits for stunt coordinators. This commitment to the well-being and recognition of stunt professionals ultimately benefits the entire industry.

By choosing AOSP stunt coordinators, production companies eliminate the barrier of health and safety concerns becoming a hindrance to hiring. They can have confidence in the expertise, commitment to safety, and ongoing professional development of AOSP members. AOSP’s comprehensive approach ensures that production companies can focus on creating exceptional content without compromising the well-being of their team members.