How to join the aosp

Why have we set such a high bar?

well we have reverse engineered the problems that production companies currently had in hiring an independent stunt coordinator as well as adhered to the needs of health and safety current and rising demand for safer sets and practises; the solution was the forming of the AOSP


Firstly, the AOSP is not another register!

Far from it infact we wanted it to be simply a place of recognition for individual stunt coordinators and performers who had a lot of talent, track record, and a fantastic safety record without wanting to be part of a club, thus allowing stunt coordinators and stunt performers to concentrate on what their good at, actually doing the stunt elements .. for that reason the directory is completely independently run by a third party whom we have no biased with at all, Kay’s directory was the obvious choice as it’s established in all ways. The submission process is 100% independent without bieng biased and is not completed by the AOSP thus cementing our values to have a community of like minded individuals who simply want to get on with the job at hand! Once approved there’s also an internal Directory online within the AOSP which is updated monthly and is available for production and health and safety advisors at any time.


Link to joining criteria 

If you wish to apply for the directory simply drop an email with “application” in the subject line and you’ll receive next steps. It’s as easy as that with no need to make things complicated we came up with the most efficient way to getting this directory available and regularly updated to make life easier for both production companies and health and safety departments